Why the Census Matters to Ogle County

I am sure you have seen a lot about the 2020 census but let this be a final reminder on how important it is! 

The key purpose is to assure that we get our voice heard in Springfield and Washington D.C. The census numbers are used for redistricting of political representative districts that will be implemented in 2022 and stay in place until 2032.

The census also has a direct effect on funding for the next decade. Population and statistics derived from the 2020 census determine the annual allocation of over $800 billion in federal dollars invested across states, counties, and municipalities. 

From March 12-20 you will receive an invitation to respond to the 2020 census online. April 8-16 a reminder letter will be sent out and a paper questionnaire. If no response has been received from April 20-27 a final notice will be sent before a census worker follows up in person. 

The average time it takes to complete the census questionnaire is only 10 minutes! 

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