The Ogle County Courthouse turns 125 years old today

On this day, 125 years ago, the Ogle County Courthouse was dedicated. It was August 20th, 1891 it became the third courthouse in Ogle Counties history and remained as the main judicial building until August 20, 2005. In 2005, the new Judicial Center opened across the street. The 125 year old Courthouse, is now home to the offices of the Ogle County Clerk/Recorder, Supervisor of Assessments, Treasurer, and also serves as the meeting place for the Ogle County Board. When completed in 1891 the Courthouse costed the county a little over $100,000. It served as the main judicial center for 114 years.

Construction started on the first courthouse on January 3, 1837 and burned on March 21, 1841 before total occupancies occurred. The second courthouse opened in 1848 and stayed opened until it was demolished to make room for the current courthouse.

I am honored to serve in a building with so much history.


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